Dunn's River Railway

A Jamaican themed G scale garden railway

A Jamaican themed garden railway

The Dunn's River Railway is a 45mm gauge railway that occupies one side of my garden in Forest Gate, east London. I had an LGB setup in the loft for some years but in 2004 decided to sample the delights of the great outdoors.


From the start I didn't fancy ground level running so the first task was to create some raised beds for the railway to run on. The existing rear garden wall is of London yellow stock brick so I decided to face the beds with similar looking brick walls. I say similar because genuine old yellow stocks are hideously expensive so I used a much cheaper modern look-alike. Hopefully the photos will show the construction method.
The trackbed was made from medium density concrete blocks. The old garden path was a handy foundation.

 Naturally much test running was done all the while...

A new garden path was laid and the brick wall fronting the raised bed was built..

And after much toil the end result blends in tolerably well with the rest of the garden.


Having been an indoor modeller I used similar tracklaying methods in the garden. The jury is still out as to whether this is a good or bad thing but it has stood the test of time pretty well. So rather than float the track on a bed of grit it is nailed down to the base and the ballast is merely cosmetic. For the most part I used aquarium gravel held down with dilute p.v.a. As a final nod to indoor methods I then sprayed the track and ballast with 'raildirt' colour paint. In fact brass track will fairly quickly go a dull brown anyway but I was too impatient to wait for that to happen.


This shows the various stages of my tracklaying. All the track is LGB with R5's used where possible with some R3's used in the yard areas and balloon loops.


As you can see the trackplan is just a dogbone with a small station and twin level storage sidings in the garden shed. The yard area with turntable within the left hand balloon loop was added a couple of years ago to increase operational interest.

The yard is not normally as crowded as this! In an idle moment I thought it would be interesting to see if I could fit all my locos into it at once.

Please go to the 'setting the scene' page for a bit of background on my railway.


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